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Go Green

Go Green, Help Save the Environment:

Each year, millions of cartridges are thrown away, contributing to landfills and polluting our earth. We encourage you to recycle, to help the environment.

The first Desmat CartridgeXpress store was founded on the idea that we could turn used, empty inkjet and toner cartridges into useable products for our customers, all while saving them a lot of money. A great idea then and an even better idea today. While our business has certainly grown to many new products and services spanning over many Franchisees across the country, our belief in recycling is still put to work every day.

There is no doubt that “green” is the new black in the business world today. But recycling is more than a slogan, color-scheme or clever advertisement. At Desmat Cartridge Xpress, recycling is real. In fact, it is at the very center of what we do and who we are.

Each Desmat Cartridge Xpress Franchisee Store collects used, empty inkjet and toner cartridges, saving them from the fate of a landfill. Many cartridges that aren't returned to companies like Desmat Cartridge Xpress for recycling end up on a barge to a third-world nation to be incinerated or placed in landfills — dumping a countless amount of pollutants into the environment.

Plus, every cartridge refilled by Desmat Cartridge Xpress is one less new cartridge that has to be manufactured using polluting petroleum products

Desmat Cartridge Xpress looks to make our community a cleaner place to live. Join the fight against pollution and waste.

document last updated 19th September 2013
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